Whatever happened to thunder-fisted,
unstoppable believers, and fearless Christ-followers?

The ancient church once had a system of building new believers into power-house allies of the Cross—men and women ready to lay down their lives for their Savior who had laid down His very life for them. This ancient band of biblically-built and Spirit-empowered saints once knew how to handle the Scriptures and how to communicate what they believed to the hostile world that surrounded them. And this spiritual competence wasn’t the result of great talents, impressive pedigree, or astounding intellect. Nor was it the product of mere academic training.

Rather, it was the result of something known as biblical discipleship and the empowering of the Holy Spirit.

This ancient “system” of constructing saints seems buried today under the silt of church programs, the cacophony of busyness, and the ignorance of Scriptural living. It is for this very reason that the ministry of Bravehearted Christian has produced this simple introductory course on Discipleship.

It is our hope that this course will kindle a vision inside you to get back something sacred that has been lost. May you join us in dusting off this ancient tool that is absolutely necessary if we are to see the return of power-house Christians to the stage of time.

This course gave me a renewed vision and desire for discipleship—to be an active disciple and to actively disciple others—and a deeper understanding of what discipleship truly means. Jesus never commissioned us to be or to make converts, but to be and to make disciples. What a privilege to carry on the ministry that Jesus started, through Him and for Him! And this course is a decided asset to do just that.
Julianna Curtis

- Julianna Curtis

The last command Jesus left us with before He ascended into heaven was to "go and make disciples" (Matthew 28:19). The solid Christ-centered approach of this course shows us how to do exactly that. Discipleship is the outflow of a passionate Christian life—and Eric Ludy points us to Christ and how to live the life of a Christian. This course shows us how to run alongside others with endurance challenging them to constantly push on towards Christ. Are you sharing the gospel and teaching others about Christ? This course will better equip you to "go out and make disciples," and give you a better understanding of how that works.
Hannah Heinz

- Hannah Heinz

Discipleship is something that is vitally important for a strong Christian life, it is also very much lacking in the church today. Discipleship is important because it equips the Christian. This course gives you tools and teaches you how to use them effectively to disciple others. I would recommend this course as a great place to start!
Marilyn Kuhns

- Marilyn Kuhns


  • + You have struggled in your Christian walk and need to figure out how Christianity actually works
  • + You have grown up in the church all your life but need further training in God's Word and how to practically live out the Christian life
  • + You have a desire to disciple others and want a biblical framework to do so
  • + You are a new Christian


Each lesson video is given by Eric Ludy and is 10-20 minutes long.

  • + Lesson 01: Discipleship — What is it?
  • + Lesson 02: How does discipleship work?
  • + Lesson 03: What makes a ready disciple?
  • + Lesson 04: What makes discipleship so difficult these days?
  • + Lesson 05: What should I expect in being discipled?
  • + Lesson 06: Bonus: How can we help you?

Each lesson video is given by Eric Ludy and is 10-20 minutes long.

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